I am an author, speaker, and coach who helps women, young adults and children with unfulfilled dreams dispel the negative voices, discover their dreams, and design a plan to make those dreams reality, so they can live an authentic, purposeful life. 

About the Book

What if your children could learn now what took us years to learn?


My Father Said I Could is about four African-American siblings that have big dreams, and how they overcome doubt, fear, and naysayers by listening to one steady, comforting voice.

This inspiring book teaches children…

  • How to handle the doubt, unbelief, and fear in others as well as in themselves

  • The timeless lesson of continuing to ask, seek and knock for opportunities

  • To explore their own unique gifts and talents

  • To learn to accept the twists and turns that life brings while continuing to pursue their own destiny despite the many voices they hear along the way


Parents & Teachers Help Your Children


Dispel Negative Voices


Discover Their Dreams


Design a Plan to Make Their Dreams Reality

What Kids are Saying...







What Does the Father say about you?

Have you ever stopped to ask, “What does God think about me? Who does He say that I am?”   We all want to know who we are. We seek and search and try to “find ourselves.” Eventually, we ask three questions.

1. Who does He say I am?

2. What's my purpose?

3. How do I fulfill my purpose?

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